Techkon Color Measurement Tools


DENS - Color Densitometer

The new TECHKON DENS unifies three devices in one. It is a color reflection densitometer for CMYK color prints, a film transmission densitometer and a high-precision illuminated magnifying glass for the visual control of printing results.



SpectroDens is your all-purpose, modern measurement device for every application from pre-press to print.


Scan-Measurement device

SpectroJet automatically measures the densities and color values of process- and spot-colors and simultaneously transfers the measurement data to a PC within seconds.


Scan-Measurement System

The new TECHKON SpectroDrive, is the perfect solution to substantially increase press productivity by ensuring consistent print-to-print color accuracy throughout the press run.


Plate measurement device

SpectroPlate unifies all advantages of modern plate measurement technology in a compact, hand-held instrument.


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