Luxel V-6e

"Luxel V-6e" platesetter, with its leading edge design,allows the level of automation and productivity to be tailored, even after the initial investment with 'field upgradable' options. Fujifilm's 'no compromise on quality' philosophy ensures class leading imaging,responsibilty and accuracy – all in an affordable, reliable solution. Visible reduction in your job turnaround time allows you to deliver unquestionable quality with tight deadlines.
  • Modularity ; manual to semi-automatic to fully automatic configurations
  • Productivity options
  • Internal drum ; high quality plate production
  • Violet technology ; lower cost of ownership, lower laser costs and lower service costs
  • Fujifilm designed laser pen for maximum laser efficiency and longer laser life
  • Resolutions to meet all production needs
  • Smart footprint
  • Violet photopolymer plate bakeable for excess of one million impressions
  • Unique Fujifilm Co-Res SCREENING delivering quality and productivity gains
  • Fujifilm TAFFETA FM Screening

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