StudioRIP is a computer program used in the pre-press and other industries. RIP is an abbreviation of Raster Image Processor. The function of a RIP is to receive high level vector image data (such as Postscript, PDF, PCL, HPGL), convert it into low level raster image data (typically high resolution, halftoned monochrome bitmaps), and then output it using a raster device (imagesetter, CTP, inkjet printer, laser printer, laser gravure device etc.)

StudioRIP is known for its outstanding screening quality , user friendly interface, high speed and a vast array of other features. Another key point is StudioRIP's flexibility: it can be configured around the customers' needs, with the optional inclusion of all available features. 

StudioRIP offers a lot more than just interpreting and rasterizing Postscript and PDF files.

  • advanced job management
  • on-screen preview
  • imposition
  • proofing
  • trapping
  • media saving
  • ink duct control
  • remote control, etc.
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